Whatsapp Marketing Delhi

A new defination for Digital Marketing !

Bulk Whatsapp Service  is a new technology for doing promotion and advertisement. Bulk Whatsapp Service means you can send your message to a large number of user available in worldwide. Like email,sms whatsapp marketing are very economical and very user friendly. In bulk whatsapp you can reach millions of your target audience in just few seconds. In whatsapp you can send audio,video,image,pdf  to a large number of audience. Today a very large number of people are available on whatsapp. So bulk whatsapp is a very good platform for doing marketing of a particular product or service. Main benefit over sms  is that you can all content like video,pdf jpeg,text etc. In Sms you can only send text content. In Whatsapp Software  just upload your content and mobile database and click send button. In Whatsapp your content is directly send in customer inbox. You can also send image with text or video with text at one time or You can separately send each content at one time. In this there is no character limit.

Today Bulk whatsapp attracting you for marketing because you can send text,images,Video,Audio. This is the one advantage of Whatspp marketing over bulk sms. In sms you can send only text message but here you have many choice.You can select your choice as per your requirement.

From many years you have only two services Bulk email and sms,But now bulk whatsapp are also in trends. 80 % percent of mobile user are present on whatsapp. So it means you can target a very huge audience by whatsapp marketing. This service is one more important benefits means you can send messages worldwide at very economical price. If you have bulk whatspp you have multiple choice for sending content like images,video, audio etc.